Q: What is this?

A: I, Mystery, would like to
officially welcome you to Ask Mystery

… dot com … where I answer a range of questions related to the astounding art of cold approach pickup … and everything Mystery. I invite you to explore these PUA & Mystery related pages today. Follow weekly and expect an all-new Get Answers! page each week.


Here’s a quick tour:

Let’s first look at the Ask Mystery interface, starting with its stream-lined menu bar.

And that is the menu. Let’s now look at the bottom of this page, as it is on every page …

  • In the lower-left corner of every Ask Mystery page is a category cloud titled EXPLORE ANSWERS … VERY useful.
  • Clicking on the book above that takes you BEHIND THE SCENES of … THE GAME and to some exclusive videos.
  • To the right of the book, in the middle, is a list of RECENT QUESTIONS ANSWERED. Convenient. Below that, a list of TOP PAGES & ANSWERS. Handy.
  • In the lower-right corner is the weekly GET ANSWERS button. Clever. Above that, you may choose to explore ALL ANSWERS BY MONTH or explore all CATEGORIES. Clever clever.

And finally …

  • Should you ever get completely lost simply click the big Ask Mystery title at the top of any page to return to this intro page
    (aka: the front/start/home page).

If you are interested in actively getting good with women as an art form, FOLLOW MYSTERY and receive weekly Ask Mystery answers by email. As you progress on your learning curve, come back weekly to Ask Mystery and … Get Answers!

Love Mystery.

“There’s room at the top for all of us.
Tonight, everyone in our group gets a girl.”

2 thoughts on “Q: What is this?”

  1. Hey Mystery, we haven’t met yet, but I’m one of your junior coaches. I was trained by Discovery and Lovedrop during the Nov. 2010 Las Vegas Coaching Camp. Topcat was my roommate during it. Some of the coaches (and buddies) from that camp were: Rich Dutch, Mickey Angel, Epicure, Pyrotechnic, Thunderbear, and a bunch of other really great guys.

    I’ve nominated you for three blog awards: “The Next Big Thing Blog Award,” “The Addictive Blog Award,” and “One Lovely Blog Award.” Only if you so choose you can accept them. But there’s no pressure to do so. Here’s the post where I nominated you: http://whetyourwoman.com/2012/12/23/three-blog-awards/

    I love your blog. Thank-you for it.

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