Q: What was it like living with Courtney Love Mystery man?

A: Ass-grabbin’ funtastic.

Press play to see never-before-seen footage (literally!) from The Game inside Project Hollywood with Courtney Love, Katya, Mystery, and even Style (super-famous Neil Strauss).

Song = Celebrity Skin by Hole.
(Killer music video.)

What’s with the get-ups? Katya and I are über-dolled up for the Rolling Stone photo shoot.

Herbal T (Tynan) also wrote an interesting related account of living with Courtney Love here.

Favorite moment: Courtney sitting on the floor by Style’s stairs playing her new songs on guitar for me alone. An incredibly privileged concert for one – I was utterly enthralled. Only days later she’s rockin’ a fully packed concert of thousands –  a true bonafide rockstar, bar none. Nothing beats the intimate concert for one though. I love you Courtney.

Least favorite moment: Totally smoking out Courtney’s transmission on her BMW convertible. I mean, a LOT of smoke. Like, a LOT.

No … actually OK I recall a stupid embarrassing moment that to this day still puts a stupid pit in my stomach whenever I think about it. It involves my sitting with and chatting up of all people Rebecca Gayheart (the actress). Oh crap serious I’m such a goof. Perhaps I’ll confess how it went down some day. Anyway Courtney’s kid was with me at the time, and man did I totality botch the set … oh my stupid stupid mouth.

Rebecca Gayheart dude. Botched. (I feel like a fucking heel *shrug*, sorry.)

Smoking out the BMW was a blast by comparison to that low point … BTW. OK …

For bonus points: Can you spot Style in the video? So camera shy. The other guy is Katya’s younger brother, visiting. This was a messy move-in day. The junk the girls step through by Courtney’s bedroom is photographer equipment. FYI.

Q: Did the TV show ‘The Closer’ parody Mystery?

A: It would seem …

Press play to see this clip from The Closer.
(episode titled, Tapped Out.)

… a murdered pro PUA named “Intrigue”
loves to rock the goggles too.

Q: Is Paul Rudd Mystery’s older brother?

A: yep.

Click Paul Rudd’s hat (in the image) to see him star as Mystery’s older brother Alias in this Wainy Days comedy video.

So that’s where Mystery got his game.

Q: Where can I watch your TV show The Pickup Artist online?

A: View the show – right now.

Click a season and watch the first episode right now …

Looks fantastic on the iPad. Air-play it to your TV.


Immediate viewing – American iTunes only apparently*

*Sorry to my non-American friends who must settle for a torrent search.
$2 an episode otherwise.

Why should a PUA watch the ENTIRE thing?

Your next target may have seen an episode. Or her dad. The PUA, it appears, is quite engrained culturally. Picking up a girl ‘in-the-know’ isn’t technically any more difficult, but it IS different. Know what some girls already may know.

Consider watching an episode or two before going out for motivation. Watch with your wingman, or even your GF (she’ll enjoy it too). Be ‘in-the-know’. Also, should you meet me, you may meet with one of my friends from the show. It’s good to know who’s who in the PUA scene.

Q: Is James Franco starring as Mystery in “The Game”?

A: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yes.

James Franco to Star as Mystery in "The Game".

James Franco is in negotiations to star in The Game, MGM’s adaptation of the best-selling book about picking up women. Read the full story.

Q: Did Maroon 5 really dress as Mystery this Halloween?

A: Not all of ’em, but one of ’em. I’m biased, but I think he looks boss.

Maroon 5 dressed as Mystery, Tyler Durden, and Braveheart.