Q: How do I become a PUA?

A: Commit today. Learn and train.

Click on the images for more info on each PUA essential:

It starts here …

photo of the book the game

This is the bible on pickup and YOUR introduction to the PUA lifestyle. Read it, even if you’ve seen the movie (starring James Franco as Mystery). Incredible. Then, get out of the house 4 nights a week and begin training. Learn and train. Strongly consider the ‘newbie drill’ – to desensitize you to approach (performance) anxiety.

Next, get and read this book …

This book goes into the step by step phases of a solid cold approach pickup, in glorious technical detail. Where The Game answers the what and why, this book answers the how, specifically. It’s about the structure of pickup from MEET to SEX. Fill in this structure with personalized material that meets the objective of each phase, and you get the girl.

You can also read the ebook version now …

  or listen to the audiobook …

Not English? No worries.

Keep going out every week, meet people, and build your social circle. Learn and train.
Next, watch both seasons of The Pickup Artist on VH1, available in a 2 DVD Box Set

or get the episodes on iTunes (best on iPad) right now …


You may actually watch the show with a girl. She’ll love it too, promise.
Learn and train.

Next, get and read this book …

or read the ebook version now …

  or listen to the audiobookListen now.

or get it in another language.

Now, if you loved The Game, you will also love to read this two book set
on pickup: Rules of The Game by Style (Neil Strauss) …

They help you get out of the house. Learn and train. This is incredible. Ready to go advanced? Get and read this book …


It teaches my concept of micro-calibration. It’s brilliant. Get it in physical (print on demand) form,
or as a sleek ebook (best on iPad). This is super-incredible.

Consider the Complete Revelation Package, including The Vault DVDs and audio CDs (again, incredible) …

Remember: Learn and train. Now watch Mystery lecture on a multi-city live bootcamp tour  …

get Mystery's Archive: 5 DVD box set

If you’ve got sticking points, you’ve got to get them handled.
Get real direction to mastery, direct from the source …

1 or 2 hour personal Skype sessions with Mystery now available.

… or attend a 3 hour Skype PUA workshop with Mystery in a small group (10 people max) …

Learn and train. Read about the ‘history of Mystery’ (before The Game timeline) through his original LA wingman Sin:


Get Sin’s entire book+CD package …

This package (incredible) is authored by Mystery’s wingman, the original Sin from The Game (not to be confused with another PUA named Sinn).

Read/watch these essential PUA books, CDs, and DVDs in preparation for your live in-field training with a pro PUA (likely more than one in your life-time – if you are into pickup for the art).

Lastly, nothing is more immersive than live in-field training with pro PUAs, bar none. Great PUAs learn and share with fellow PUAs. We’re social, and believe there is room at the top for everyone. When you are ready (at the very least please have read/watched the first 3 PUA essentials), come meet Mystery and friends in person.

Click on What’s next? and find out where Mystery will be appearing soon.

“Get out of the house!”

2 thoughts on “Q: How do I become a PUA?”

  1. This is great info! I’m currently reading “The Game”, and this stuff is unbelievable. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ve actually managed to get a kiss from a very unexpected friend by applying what I’ve read so far. She seemed just as shocked as I was after we kissed, probably wondering why the hell she even let me kiss her, since she’s been playing hard to get for a LOOONG time. To Mystery: Thanks for everything man.

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