Get Answers!

Q: Mystery, do you really have ‘game’?

A: Well, let’s see …

Mystery’s kiss & tell video.

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(and do crank the volume.)

Song = I Did It by Dave Mathews Band.

“I take ordinary guys and turn them into astounding cold-approach pickup artists.”

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Mystery Soundbite:

“All I do is spit truth and point it out before you slip on it.” ~ Mystery

“Todo lo que hago es expresar la verdad, incluso antes de que me creas.”
(Thank you Mauricio for the Spanish translation.)


Who do you think YOU are? Its 7 billion to one …

Mystery Quote:

Mystery quote

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Depiction explained: I’m the angel Cupid, compass on my heart, returning from the light – this time with backup – 7 billion bows strong.

Q: What was it like living with Courtney Love Mystery man?

A: Ass-grabbin’ funtastic.

Press play to see never-before-seen footage (literally!) from The Game inside Project Hollywood with Courtney Love, Katya, Mystery, and even Style (super-famous Neil Strauss).

Song = Celebrity Skin by Hole.
(Killer music video.)

What’s with the get-ups? Katya and I are über-dolled up for the Rolling Stone photo shoot.

Herbal T (Tynan) also wrote an interesting related account of living with Courtney Love here.

Favorite moment: Courtney sitting on the floor by Style’s stairs playing her new songs on guitar for me alone. An incredibly privileged concert for one – I was utterly enthralled. Only days later she’s rockin’ a fully packed concert of thousands –  a true bonafide rockstar, bar none. Nothing beats the intimate concert for one though. I love you Courtney.

Least favorite moment: Totally smoking out Courtney’s transmission on her BMW convertible. I mean, a LOT of smoke. Like, a LOT.

No … actually OK I recall a stupid embarrassing moment that to this day still puts a stupid pit in my stomach whenever I think about it. It involves my sitting with and chatting up of all people Rebecca Gayheart (the actress). Oh crap serious I’m such a goof. Perhaps I’ll confess how it went down some day. Anyway Courtney’s kid was with me at the time, and man did I totality botch the set … oh my stupid stupid mouth.

Rebecca Gayheart dude. Botched. (I feel like a fucking heel *shrug*, sorry.)

Smoking out the BMW was a blast by comparison to that low point … BTW. OK …

For bonus points: Can you spot Style in the video? So camera shy. The other guy is Katya’s younger brother, visiting. This was a messy move-in day. The junk the girls step through by Courtney’s bedroom is photographer equipment. FYI.

Q: What do you do when you’re not picking up girls?

A: I just wanna fly.
Is that so wrong?!

Press play and Fly with Mystery (not PUA related). If you love flying, love exploring beautiful places, or your name is Mario, you’ll love this home movie.

In this video: Mystery, his brother Rolf, and his brother’s friend Mario explore Bruce Peninsula National Park with an AR drone. Grab your flip-flops and come explore our campsite and the local scenic beauty of Cyprus Lake … by air.

songs = Motivated feat. Wem,
Virginia’s Real by Guy Clark,
I Just Wanna Fly by Sugar Ray,
Dear Hearts & Gentle People by Jim Reeves,
and Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5.

Q: Can you really fuck … with people’s minds?

A: Well, I consider myself an intuitive person …

Press play and see Mystery in his early 20’s perform a fun ‘experiment of the mind’ in Toronto (old archive footage).

Interactions with a lot a people reveal interesting repeatable patterns. The most interesting pattern of them all is this: human beings are ridiculously intelligent. I’m talking super-unbelievably brilliant. We are all bound by the human condition (some would say condemned by it). We are, for lack of a better word, ALIEN in intelligence; quite celestial even. It is always a great privilege to meet great people and find out what’s on their minds. Hopefully something that makes you smile or think. Like Derek Zoolander looking in a puddle: “Who am I?”

In a timeless Universe, ALL dreams come true; in time. I suppose that kinda talk makes you think I’m a total mentalist.

Q: What’s your best pickup, Mystery?

A: The best pickup …

captured on hidden camera that is …

Press play to see infield footage of Mystery,
in ‘Sex Drive’ on The Discovery Channel.
Neil Strauss (Style) interviewed.

As to my best pickup NOT captured on video,
I leave to be debated as … my sex life is private. :P

Q: So, how was the Vappu PUA bootcamp in Helsinki?

A: Fantastic. I got out of the house.

Mystery and Beckster in Helsinki.

song = I Just Wanna Live
by Good Charlotte.

(This is the second of two Helsinki related posts. See the first Helsinki post here.)