Q: Since nightclubs are loud, what’s a good short catchy opener?

A: I have a lobster
in my belly.

*belly rub*

“OK picture this …”

“I’m gonna eat you. Oh yeah. You. Mmm.”

“There’s this gynormous aquarium tank … full of big-ass lobsters. That’s right … big-ass. I point to the biggest one … that one … and say … I’m gonna eat you. Now I feel bad. Not for eating him, he tasted great … and he’s now a part of me. I feel bad because I was so full … I couldn’t eat him all … and now I’m getting peckish … And you know … you can’t doggie bag a lobster. That would be SO un-fucking-couth.” *belly rub*

Use slow delivery, extended pausing, facial and body animation, embedded DHVs, and calibrated body rocking. It’s short enough to affect a solid move to quiet area lock-in, after a brief take-away and re-open. Remember, a lot of things get conveyed with this indirect opener. This is field tested. Feel free to comment on what you think these things are, below.

You COULD also curl your finger and summon her direct, but then where’s the art in that?!!

Thanks Travis for your question.

Q: What’s the “girls are evil” gambit?

A: Memorize this for in-field use

… best in C1 or C2:

Performance: Carry a notepad and pen to show this in your next group set. Performance of it is everything. The result should be laughter, not slaps. Well, not hard slaps. Write out the proof step by step. Don’t have it simply already written. It’s one thing to show it, it’s another to actually PERFORM IT. It will be one more fun useful gambit in your PUA repertoire for years to come.