Q: So, how was the Vappu PUA bootcamp in Helsinki?

A: Fantastic. I got out of the house.

Mystery and Beckster in Helsinki.

song = I Just Wanna Live
by Good Charlotte.

(This is the second of two Helsinki related posts. See the first Helsinki post here.)

Q: Mystery, do you really have ‘game’?

A: Well, let’s see …

Mystery’s kiss & tell video.

Click Watch on Youtube to view full-screen.
(and do crank the volume.)

Song = I Did It by Dave Mathews Band.

“I take ordinary guys and turn them into astounding cold-approach pickup artists.”

Train with me in person at my next PUA bootcamp: Learn more.

Q: When’s your next PUA bootcamp, Mystery?

A: When you are ready.

Completed: Helsinki PUA bootcamp
with Mystery & Beckster
 28 & 29, 2012.

Come hear me speak about “Modern Cold Approach Pickup” LIVE at my next PUA bootcamp.

PASSPORT to The World.

“What? We’re not going for phone numbers any more?”
Nope. How do you like THEM apples?

I turn ordinary guys into astounding cold-approach pickup artists.
No more none-sense. Raise your standards.
Do you get it yet? You are free to go anywhere in the world.
Go where the targets live. Bring her home.

Speak directly with Beckster on Skype for gathering and event details.
SKYPE ID = becksterseduction.

Serious, he’s totally up for questions, and absolutely wonderful to interact with. He’s around. So am I.

And … the Meet Mystery & Beckster event is free!

“Meet Mystery and Beckster”
a FREE meet & greet

April 27, 8pm (20:00) in Helsinki
(in a quiet night club)

Contact Beckster via Skype (becksterseduction) for location and weekend details. We are keeping this one small and personal. We’re social. It’s fun.

If you’ve never been, I’m assured its ‘target rich‘. View a 3D map of the city.

Dude, get out of the house with us. It’s Helsinki! Vappu festival weekend! Dude man.