Q: Will there be a season 3 of The Pickup Artist on VH1?

A: No.

No new moves? But WHY??!

Well, instead of pursuing further fame at the time, I embarked on an intermittent lecture tour of live training weekends (more money than TV believe it or not). I also took the time to do some one-on-ones. Sometimes I would fly out and train one guy (one to three people) over 3 days and nights, too. Live bootcamps, lectures, and one-on-ones filled some of my time. The rest of the time I spent raising my daughter Dakota in England. Naturally it wasn’t even a question of choice really.

“Everything in it’s season.”

I still talk with Adam Greener, executive producer of the show. If there is interest in a season 3 internally in VH1 or even Viacom (now with talk of The Game being made into a movie and James Franco playing me), I’m there with bells on, and Greener would be the first to know about it, surely. So, like a Back to The Future IV movie, ya never know.

Meanwhile, my season 3, 4, and 5 since the show had remained booked. Time in the UK with my daughter (needless to say) aside, I’ve recently completed several live PUA bootcamp missions (very much like the TV show, only YOU are the reality star in it) in Las Vegas, Oslo in Norway, and Stockholm – Sweden. Each long weekend was an EVENT, like a little TV production. There’s just something about turning ordinary guys into swashbuckling cold-approach pickup artists, in a LIVE environment that gives me a humbling sense of real-world contribution. I build GREAT pickup artists. Each weekend I do a bootcamp somewhere in the world, I experience a whole new episode of The Pickup Artist for myself.