Q: What was it like living with Courtney Love Mystery man?

A: Ass-grabbin’ funtastic.

Press play to see never-before-seen footage (literally!) from The Game inside Project Hollywood with Courtney Love, Katya, Mystery, and even Style (super-famous Neil Strauss).

Song = Celebrity Skin by Hole.
(Killer music video.)

What’s with the get-ups? Katya and I are über-dolled up for the Rolling Stone photo shoot.

Herbal T (Tynan) also wrote an interesting related account of living with Courtney Love here.

Favorite moment: Courtney sitting on the floor by Style’s stairs playing her new songs on guitar for me alone. An incredibly privileged concert for one – I was utterly enthralled. Only days later she’s rockin’ a fully packed concert of thousands –  a true bonafide rockstar, bar none. Nothing beats the intimate concert for one though. I love you Courtney.

Least favorite moment: Totally smoking out Courtney’s transmission on her BMW convertible. I mean, a LOT of smoke. Like, a LOT.

No … actually OK I recall a stupid embarrassing moment that to this day still puts a stupid pit in my stomach whenever I think about it. It involves my sitting with and chatting up of all people Rebecca Gayheart (the actress). Oh crap serious I’m such a goof. Perhaps I’ll confess how it went down some day. Anyway Courtney’s kid was with me at the time, and man did I totality botch the set … oh my stupid stupid mouth.

Rebecca Gayheart dude. Botched. (I feel like a fucking heel *shrug*, sorry.)

Smoking out the BMW was a blast by comparison to that low point … BTW. OK …

For bonus points: Can you spot Style in the video? So camera shy. The other guy is Katya’s younger brother, visiting. This was a messy move-in day. The junk the girls step through by Courtney’s bedroom is photographer equipment. FYI.

Q: What’s your best pickup, Mystery?

A: The best pickup …

captured on hidden camera that is …

Press play to see infield footage of Mystery,
in ‘Sex Drive’ on The Discovery Channel.
Neil Strauss (Style) interviewed.

As to my best pickup NOT captured on video,
I leave to be debated as … my sex life is private. :P

Q: How did Neil Strauss (Style) get so good?

A: Watch this exposé on The Game.

Click play and see this Neil Strauss (Style)
and Erik von Markovik (Mystery) interview on Current TV.

You’ll see Mehow in it too.

Q: What does the real Katya from The Game look like?

A: Lovely.

The real Katya (Mystery’s ex-gf) from The Game by Neil Strauss.

Q: Is James Franco starring as Mystery in “The Game”?

A: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yes.

James Franco to Star as Mystery in "The Game".

James Franco is in negotiations to star in The Game, MGM’s adaptation of the best-selling book about picking up women. Read the full story.